Buying Blockchain via Overstock (1/18)

At ETF PM, we are often early in identifying leading growth trends. We recently predicted a mega stock market bubble ahead, and our early Tesla and Nvidia recommendations performed extremely well. However, we have certainly been forced to cut losses quickly on occasion.

In recent years, we have shifted our focus to the extraordinary opportunity in leveraged index ETFs, through balanced income and growth solutions including a technology version reported at

While we now typically consider stock speculation to be far less attractive than owning the leveraged investable benchmarks, some standout stocks do still garner our attention.


Blockchain is software technology that enables secure, transparent, and distributed ledger applications, including automated “smart contracts,” that are expected to reduce costs and enhance efficiency for almost every industry.

It seems that CES 2018, and many investors worldwide, are all overly excited about the extraordinary potential for blockchain given the following data points:

  1. Cryptocurrencies, enabled by blockchain, are now a $750b market. Some believe Bitcoin could become the global currency of the future.
  2. Blockchain is expected to transform the travel and hospitality industry, education, voting, IBM, green power, philanthropy and socially responsible impact investing, global property registration, etc..
  3. Dubai plans to become a “Blockchain City.”

Overstock (OSTK)

Overstock (OSTK) is a U.S. online retailer of closeout products that also happens to be an early leader in the blockchain revolution. The company recently announced investments from Morgan Stanley and George Soros, in addition to a $250mm initial coin offering (ICO).

In 2017, OSTK gained 265%.

ETF PM has long positions in OSTK.

Contact us to learn more.

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