Buying Semiconductors (9/16)

The semiconductor ETFs, SMH and SOXL, are up strongly this year, partially due to gains in Nvidia (NVDA) and the many new applications for semiconductors.

The Age of AI includes a wide range of chatbotscognitive bots (capable of M&A due diligence), and precision bots.

From autonomous cars to Emily, the foosball robotmemory chatbot Wonder, virtual reality, drones, SpotMini, and the Robo-Picker all highlight extraordinary new forms of automation.

ETF PM has long positions in SMH, SOXL and NVDA.

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Intel And NVIDIA Vie For Attention For ‘The Next Big Thing’

Karl Freund, 9/13/16

In a battle that has become somewhat predictable, but fun to watch, Nvidia (NVDA) and Intel (INTC) have recently announced new technologies and acquisitions, respectively, to compete in the fast growing market for Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI). These announcements demonstrate that both companies are doubling down on their strategies: NVIDIA intends to win with a portfolio of hardware and software based on a common GPU architecture, while Intel intends to compete with CPUs (Xeon and Xeon Phi) beefed up with application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Over the last few months, practically every major technology CEO has declared that Artificial Intelligence will be “The Next Big Thing”. The technologies that will power everything from “precision agriculture” to self-driving vehicles all have one thing in common: they demand an outrageous amount of compute power (literally billions of trillions of operations) to “train” the neural networks that create them. So it is not surprising that NVIDIA and Intel have taken the gloves off in the battle for this lucrative and fast growing market. To illustrate that growth, NVIDIA recently announced that their Datacenter business grew at an eye-popping 110% Y-o-Y in the latest quarter to $151M, accounting for roughly 10% of NVIDIA’s total revenues.

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