Buying Tesla Again (2/17)

Tesla is building the world’s best electric carshome/utility battery storage, and solar roof shingles. In addition, the world’s top genius is planning to launch fully autonomous cars with a ride-hailing network that lets car owners make money.

As car journeys become “more like flights,” and Tesla expands their diverse customer base, we believe the company will continue to surprise investors with extraordinary new innovations.

ETF PM currently has long positions in Tesla (TSLA).

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VW boss: Tesla’s data gives it a big autonomous car edge

John McIlroy, 2/3/17

VW boss Dr Herbert Diess says Tesla’s millions of miles of autonomous driving data give it a big lead in the race to driverless cars

Established car manufacturers face an uphill battle to overcome Tesla’s ability to harness customer driving data in the race towards autonomous cars, according to VW boss Dr Herbert Diess.

The American EV manufacturer revealed earlier this year that it already has around 760 million miles’ worth of driving data – and that it adds a million more to that total every 10 hours. Tesla has been able to achieve this because all of its Model S vehicles are designed to beam information back to its servers – and because the cars’ owners have been willing to play a part in this scheme, which also brings improvements to their vehicles via over-the-air updates.

Tesla has stated it will move to full autonomy in 2018, while VW and other car manufacturers have set targets beyond the end of this decade. VW’s boss Dr Herbert Diess has said that Tesla’s data-harnessing technology is giving the ‘outsider’ an advantage against established car manufacturers.

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