ETFs to Surpass Hedge Funds (4/15)

The article below explains that ETFs should surpass hedge funds this year, and “robo-advisors” are the next phase. In many respects, is the ultimate robo-advisor platform.

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ETFs deemed ‘not the enemy’ as the sector’s assets poised to surpass hedge funds

Simon Hoyle, 4/20/15

Deborah Fuhr’s message for financial planners about exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is simple: they are not the enemy. They may in fact be at the front-line of planners’ defences against the rise of the machines. Fuhr says ETFs give to financial planners an ability to efficiently implement low-cost, diversified portfolios, freeing up time and thinking for a greater focus on the areas they really add value – including structuring, strategic advice, and behavioural coaching – where robo advisers cannot compete.

“ETFs have been embraced as a useful tool to help investors do their job,” says Fuhr, the founder of ETFGI, a London-based firm that specialises in tracking, monitoring, analysing and reporting on the development and growth of the global ETF industry.

Fuhr says the assets of ETFs are likely to break through the $US3 trillion barrier this year, and in so doing will overtake hedge funds in size. ETFGI data shows that ETF assets had reached $US2.93 trillion by the end of March.

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