Hall of Fame Trends (10/17)

Our latest article below in “Healing Our World,” explores trends among the greatest athletesthinkers, and doctors.

Also, see Tom Brady’s new book, and our prior article, “Priceless Tips.”

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Hall of Fame Trends

By David Kreinces, 10/17

In the last issue, we compared the exchange-traded fund (ETF) investment strategies from top hall of fame investors, Warren Buffet and Yale’s David Swensen, to sample portfolios at InvestableBenchmarks.com. But while diversification using an ETF investable benchmark is important to financial health, there is a bigger opportunity to address.

Blue Zones

Years ago, I learned that certain aspects of the “Blue Zone” lifestyles give us the highest probability of becoming “happy centenarians,” capable of enjoying active lifestyles at well over 100 years of age. However, I also learned that medical bills are a leading cause of bankruptcy in America.

These extraordinary examples of opportunity—and risk—fueled my passion to research leading health strategies, in addition to top ETF portfolios. In this issue, we review hall of fame trends that maximize your health and wealth.

Click here for the full article on page 54.


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