Income and Tech 3x (6/17)

ETF PM Expands Investable Benchmarks with
New Income and Tech 3x

IT 3x designed to maximize growth potential

THOUSAND OAKS, CA; June 6, 2017– ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM) today announced that it has launched a new Income & Tech 3x Portfolio (IT 3x). This new portfolio is designed to help investors maximize their growth potential by using leveraged asset class ETFs that are focused on technology. The firm now offers four passive investable benchmark portfolios.

“Many high net worth investors employ material leverage on their real estate investments, yet refrain from using any leverage on their liquid, long-term investment assets,” said David Kreinces, ETF PM’s founder and portfolio manager. “Investors will be very surprised to see the incredible performance history from the disciplined use of leverage on efficiently balanced portfolios.”

Income and Tech 3x Portfolio   

Over the past 5.4 years, the Income and Tech 3x investable benchmark portfolio has been an optimal investment solution, using leading leveraged ETFs from ProShares and Direxion.

  • Income and Tech 3x (IT 3x) – a portfolio of three ETFs with 42% Nasdaq 100 3x (TQQQ), 8% Semiconductors 3x (SOXL), and 50% Long-Term Treasury Bonds 3x (TMF).

Over the past 5.4 years, we estimate that IT 3x delivered a net annualized return of 36%, or a total return of 424%. “Overall, this investable benchmark performed extremely well, aside from a large cumulative drawdown from ’00 – ’02,” remarked Kreinces. “Given the volatility associated with leveraged ETFs, this portfolio may require additional risk control efforts at times.”

ETF PM charges an ultra-low-cost advisory fee of 0.25% for the passive investable benchmark portfolios, and the expense ratio for IT 3x is 0.98% per annum.

Absolute Return Strategies

ETF PM also specializes in disciplined ETF trend following. The firm offers a dynamic range of strategies that seek to deliver positive returns in all market environments. Active risk control strategies are employed to enhance principal protection, and/or to rotate to new trends.

ETF PM’s trend following strategies delivered gains in the crash of 2008, and the firm’s flagship 50/50 Portfolio delivers an efficient combination of trend following and indexing, both with and without leverage.

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