Investable Benchmark Update (3/15)


THOUSAND OAKS, CA; April 8, 2015 – ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM) today reported performance for the investable benchmarks through March 2015. Year-to-date (YTD), the eMAC returned 3% while the S&P 500 gained 1%. Income & Growth rose by 3% and Income was up 4%.

The Investable Benchmarks are three passive core portfolios comprised of leading ETFs from Vanguard and iShares. Over the past 10.3 years, all three passive core portfolios returned over 7.5% annually, or 110% to 133% in total return. These efficient portfolios yield over 2.0% per year with expense ratios under 0.20%.

Chart IBU 1503

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The Investable Benchmarks are an important starting point for all investors. ETF PM’s growth benchmark is an efficient multi-asset class (eMAC) portfolio based on David Swensen’s recommendation in “Unconventional Success.” Swensen’s performance managing Yale University’s multi-billion dollar endowment fund is leading Wall Street in many respects and his views have significantly broadened the industry’s perception of proper diversification.

Absolute Return Strategies

ETF PM also specializes in disciplined ETF trend following. The firm provides a dynamic range of strategies that seek to deliver positive returns in all market environments. The firm’s trend following strategies delivered gains in the crash of 2008, and ETF PM focuses on hybrid portfolios that combine trend following with indexing.

Pledge to Give Back

In order to partner directly with clients and the community, ETF PM created a Pledge to Give Back. On an annual basis, ETF PM donates a percentage of each client’s advisory fee to the school or charity selected by the client.

Since 2010, the 51 entities supported by ETF PM include 11 Schools (public & private), two YMCAs, Because of Hope, Casa de Amma, Casa Pacifica, Gerson Institute, Khan Academy, Nature Conservancy, School on Wheels, Team for Kids, The Greater Contribution, Turtle Conservancy, Unity Shoppe, and more.  

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