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SOXL Up 9% Today (1/18)

At ETF PM, we posted a number of articles on the extraordinary returns in semiconductors (SMH, SOXL) and the broader market.

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Buying Blockchain via Overstock (1/18)

Overstock (OSTK) is an early leader in the blockchain revolution.
ETF PM has long positions in OSTK.

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Investable Benchmark Gains 42%, Trounces Buffett (1/18)

The ETF investable benchmark portfolios have proven that just as strategic diversification can be a free lunch, leveraged diversification can be a free retirement nest egg. 

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Annual Letter 2017

In 2017, the Income and Growth investable benchmark portfolio gained 15%. The three leveraged investable benchmarks delivered extraordinary gains of 28% to 72% for the year.

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Investable Benchmark Update (12/17)

For the full-year 2017, the investable benchmark portfolios returned 15% to 72%. The S&P 500 gained 22% and long-term Treasuries rose by 9%.

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Bitcoin 20x Return in 1 Year (12/17)

It is no surprise that almost everyone on Wall Street is trying to figure out if they should buy, short, or avoid cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

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The Best ETF Portfolio (12/17)

Many investors are searching for the best ETF portfolio and two of the world’s leading investors, Warren Buffett and David Swensen, have both reported their prescriptions. See their performance versus the S&P 500, long-term Treasury bonds, and ETF PM’s investable benchmarks.

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Hall of Fame Trends (10/17)

Our latest article below in “Healing Our World,” explores trends among the greatest athletes, thinkers, and doctors. Also, see Tom Brady’s new book, and our prior article, “Priceless Tips.”   Hall of Fame Trends By David Kreinces, 10/17 In the last issue, we compared the exchange-traded fund (ETF) investment strategies from top hall of fame investors, Warren Buffet more »

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Investable Benchmark Update (9/17)

ETF PM REPORTS PERFORMANCE FOR INVESTABLE BENCHMARKS THOUSAND OAKS, CA; October 2, 2017– ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM) today reported performance for the investable benchmarks through September 2017. Year-to-date (YTD), the four investable benchmark portfolios returned 11% to 49%. The S&P 500 gained 14% and long-term Treasuries rose by 6%. The Investable Benchmarks are four passive core portfolios more »

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Next Bet for Buffett (9/17)

Buffett’s next bet should be against the leveraged income and growth investable benchmark. See Income and Growth 3x (IG 3x) at InvestableBenchmarks.com. 

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