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Bitcoin 20x Return in 1 Year (12/17)

It is no surprise that almost everyone on Wall Street is trying to figure out if they should buy, short, or avoid cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

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Leading Investment Trends (7/17)

At ETF PM, the investable benchmark portfolios provide leading solutions for the four primary investor risk profiles: income, income and growth, growth, and aggressive growth.

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Leading Growth Stocks (6/17)

Over the past five years, Amazon (AMZN) and Tesla (TSLA) both had great stock performance, yet TSLA still delivered almost double the total return of AMZN.

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Leveraged Diversification (4/17)

On Wall Street, diversification is known as the only “free lunch,” and soon, “leveraged diversification” may be known as the only “free retirement nest egg.”

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4 Steps to Investment Success (3/17)

4 Steps to Investment Success – investable benchmarks, leverage, risk control, and leading growth stocks.

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Why Hedge Your Portfolio? (6/16)

ETF PM has been working to hedge client investment portfolios because the risk of a stock market crash seems to be increasing significantly.

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101 ETF Investing Tips (12/15)

The article below includes investing tips from ETF PM in numbers 4, 20, and 82. ETF PM has long positions in AMZN, QQQ, and TSLA. 101 ETF Investing Tips from the Experts Jimmy Atkinson and Michael Johnston, 12/1/15 The editorial team at ETF Reference surveyed 57 ETF investing experts in search of the best tips for exchange-traded more »

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7% Annualized Returns (8/15)

Over the past decade, the average annual return for colleges was 7%, slightly behind the investable benchmark portfolios over the same period. The investable benchmarks provide strategic sample portfolios, comprised of leading ETFs from Vanguard and iShares, in a separate account structure. Richly Endowed Erin Arvedlund, 7/21/15 Swarthmore College ranks among the nation’s wealthiest liberal-arts colleges, overseeing a $1.9 billion endowment – more »

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How does your garden grow? (5/15)

ETF PM is proud to be working with Vertical Garden Services in order to sponsor Brookside Elementary School’s first Tower Garden. Tower Garden is a new, high-tech growing system that is ideal for schools, individuals, corporations, and the broader community in general. How does your garden grow? Kids and parents plant new aeroponics tower at Oak Park elementary more »

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Watching Silver (3/15)

As per the article below, ETF PM is keeping an eye on silver (SLV). We currently have no positions in precious metals. Will 2015 Be Gold’s Year? Ronald Delegge, 3/2/15 A volatile beginning to 2015 is helping gold to regain some of its mojo. The U.S. stock market got off to a shaky start in more »

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