ETF Portfolio Management Launches 

Firm is First Financial Advisor to Offer Strategic Core Portfolios with No Advisory Fee

THOUSAND OAKS, CA; May 23, 2012 – ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM), a revolutionary financial advisory firm, today announced that it has launched to help investors save money annually. The firm is first to offer strategic multi-asset class core portfolios with no advisory fee.

“Many investors significantly underperform strategic indexing long term,” said David Kreinces, ETF PM’s founder and portfolio manager. “We believe investable benchmarks help investors avoid mistakes and save thousands of dollars annually.”

Strategic Diversification

Top endowment fund managers have shown investors the importance of liquid and transparent multi-asset class diversification using ultra low-cost ETFs. The firm simplifies this process by giving investors the asset allocation for three strategic core portfolios using leading ETFs from Vanguard and iShares:

  • Income (30/70i) – a portfolio of two ETFs with 30% in global equities and 70% in long-term treasuries.
  • Income & Growth (I&G) – a portfolio of five ETFs with 50% in fixed income.
  • Growth (eMAC) – an efficient multi-asset class (eMAC) portfolio modeled after the recommendation from David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer at Yale University, in his book, Unconventional Success. The eMAC employs six ETFs with 30% in fixed income.

Over the past decade, the investable benchmarks returned over 8% per year, with a total return range of 117% to 141%. The Income Portfolio outperformed the eMAC and each of the investable benchmarks significantly outperformed the hedge fund index total return of 87%.

The investable benchmarks offer roughly 3% in annual yield, with blended expense ratios under 0.20% per annum. “Many investors would be shocked to learn how much they have paid in fees and expenses to significantly underperform these efficient core portfolio solutions,” remarked Kreinces.

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