Priceless Tips (7/17)

Healing Our World” is a great quarterly magazine from the legendary Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. Learn about their founder, Ann Wigmore, and see all of Brian Clement’s YouTube videos.

Also, see our article, “Pricless Tips,” on page 54 of the current issue.

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Priceless Tips for Good Financial Health

By David Kreinces, 7/17

As you learn to maximize your physical health and longevity, do the same for your investments. Keeping a financial balance is every bit as important as a healthy balance is for your body, and these tips will help you find that balance.


The four exchange-traded fund (ETF) portfolios at may significantly improve your financial health. They are an important starting point for all investors because they provide strategic combinations of stocks, bonds, and real estate, using leading ETFs.

Warren Buffett and Yale CIO David Swensen both reported their ETF portfolio recommendations. However, neither are as attractive as the investable benchmarks.

Click here for the full article on page 54.

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