Protect Your Portfolio (6/16)

ETF PM is currently working to protect client portfolios as follows:

  1. We have been encouraging clients with a growth asset allocation to shift to income and growth. See
  2. Long-term Treasury bonds (TLT) and leveraged Treasury bond ETFs (UBT and TMF) have delivered important portfolio protection. See “Why Long-Term Treasuries?
  3. Negative interest rates are helping to rally gold prices and the 3x levered gold miner ETF (NUGT) is up over 300% this year. See “The New Gold Rush.”
  4. Remarkable REITs – real estate investment trust indexes (REITs) continue to deliver strong performance.
  5. Hedging biotech risk is a concern for many investors and can be accomplished through the ultrashort biotech ETF (BIS).
  6. We are raising cash from discretionary client risk asset exposure in equities and REITs if needed.

ETF PM currently has long positions in all of the ETFs mentioned above except for BIS.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss.

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