What’s Next for Tesla? (2/14)

Since Tesla (TSLA) won the “Triple Crown of Auto Manufacturing” in 2013,  we have written a number of articles explaining why we purchased the company’s shares for our clients. To put it simply, Elon Musk has the best track record for creating extraordinary innovation that constantly surprises his investors, his customers, and his competition.

So, what’s next for Tesla? Well, Musk has already unveiled plans for the falcon wing doors on the Model X SUV, a massive “gigafactory” to produce next-generation electric car batteries, and the mass market Model E. He is even using Tesla batteries in conjunction with SolarCity’s (SCTY) service to enhance the utility and adoption rate of their respective solutions.

Perhaps the next “must have” innovation from Tesla will pertain to autonomous driving. The article below explains that Musk believes his “autopilot” function is “not more than a few years away, with possible mass adoption within a 10-year timeframe.”

Over the next decade, we believe that Tesla’s portfolio of breathtaking innovations will radically transform the auto industry the same way that Apple and Samsung shocked the prior leaders in the mobile phone marketplace. Do you know many people that still use a Nokia or BlackBerry mobile device?

ETF PM currently has long positions in both Tesla (TSLA) and SolarCity (SCTY).

Elon Musk: Tesla Will Be First With Autonomous Driving; Admits To Apple Meeting

Eric Mack, 2/19/14

On Wednesday, Tesla Motors (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk reported solid earnings and the serial executive also discussed the company’s future, including a massive battery “gigafactory” and the upcoming third-generation Model X on a conference call.  But perhaps the biggest news to come from Musk’s mouth came in another call with Bloomberg Television right after the earnings report, in which Musk claimed that Tesla would lead the way in nascent autonomous car technology, and also admitted to meeting with Apple (AAPL) about… something.

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