World’s Greatest Thinkers (6/16)

The world’s greatest thinkers, athletes, and doctors have all understood the critical benefits of a mostly organic raw vegan diet.

See the vegan quotes from Einstein 1955, Ghandi 1948, Tesla 1943, Edison 1931, Ramanujan 1920, Franklin 1790, Newton 1727, Da Vinci 1519, Hippocrates 370 BC, Socrates 469 BC, Buddha 483 BC, Pythagoras 495 BC, and more top athletes and doctors.

World’s hottest destinations for vegans

Travis Levius, 6/27/16

(CNN) Who says cruelty-free eating’s a new fad?

Way back in ancient Greece, Plato was philosophizing about a menu based solely on greenery, making him — along with Buddha, Ghandi and Einstein — among history’s foremost plant diet trendsetters.

Even so, the vegan lifestyle is experiencing a remarkable boom today, with a proliferation of in-demand meat and dairy-free restaurants, bakeries and bars around the globe.

In light of PETA officially declaring 2016 “#TheYearofVegan”, here are our top picks for cities with the best lean, green vegan scenes.

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