A Yale ETF (11/15)

Yale CIO, David Swensen, is the best portfolio manager and he is talking integrity in finance. Our question for Mr. Swensen is: “Why don’t we have a Yale ETF yet?”

Swensen’s book in 2005, “Unconventional Success,” is priceless in providing a strategic growth portfolio asset allocation, using six leading exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, investors still need this dynamic ETF portfolio in a single security or ticker symbol.

In an ETF of ETFs structure, a Yale ETF would be an ideal core portfolio solution for all growth investors.


For most of the past decade, ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM) has tracked and offered Swensen’s ETF portfolio prescription in the Investable Benchmarks. Swensen’s ETF portfolio is an efficient, multi-asset class (eMAC) investable benchmark, and a good ticker symbol for this ETF of ETFs would be “eMAC,” or “YALE” if possible.

In many respects, this Yale ETF would be a tougher, and far more appropriate hurdle for growth portfolio managers to compete against than the S&P 500 (SPY).

Investable Benchmarks

In the age of ETFs, investors need an efficient, multi-asset class investable benchmark portfolio for each of the three main investor risk profiles; Income, Income & Growth, and Growth. At ETF PM, we based the three investable benchmark portfolios on the ETF asset allocation prescription from Swensen, and the performance has been impressive.

Swensen’s growth ETF portfolio has delivered almost 7% annually over the past 10.8 years, or 105% in total return, and the other two risk profile investable benchmarks have performed even better. In many respects, the Investable Benchmarks are an important starting point for all investors.

Note: ETF PM is currently working to find the right strategic partner(s) to build an ETF of ETFs for each of the Investable Benchmark portfolios. The investable benchmarks are currently offered via separate client investment accounts.

Contact ETF PM to learn more.

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